Platinum Procyon Porcelain Rose Gold F Nib Fountain Pen

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1. Equipped with the Slip & Seal Mechanism that offers a smooth writing experience at any time


The Slip & Seal Mechanism, which is one of the main features of our representative #3776 CENTURY fountain pen models, is also employed for PROCYON. This Platinum Pen’ s unique mechanism enabled a pen with a screw-type cap to offer complete airtightness using the inner cap. It provides smooth writing with fresh ink at any time.

2. Equipped with a newly-designed feeder for easier ink absorption


There is no need to dip the pen up to its gripping section into the ink when drawing ink using a converter. The newly- designed feeder of PROCYON fountain pen lets you draw enough ink only by dipping the nib up to its end. In this way, it made it easier to draw ink even when only a small amount of ink is left in the bottle.

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