Shipping & Order FAQ

Where's my order? How can I track my order?

If you ordered online using your Nevada Fine Arts account and not as a guest, simply log in to your account to track your order. Additionally, an automated email with the tracking number was sent to the email listed on your order, even if you checked out as a guest. If you don't see an email from Nevada Fine Arts with your receipt, check your junk mail folder. If you ordered by mail or over the phone, please contact us for tracking information.

Orders are processed in our store on business days only - Monday through Saturday. Please allow 1-5 business days to process your order before shipping. Shipping times vary by rate. The number of business days it will take your order to arrive are shown next to each rate at checkout. Free shipping can take up to 6-9 business days to arrive after your order leaves our store.

If there were any out-of-stock (backordered) items on your order, they will be shipped all together as soon as they all come back in stock.

Why is my account log in not working?

Usually, either the login email or the password is incorrect. If your computer is auto-filling the login credentials, we recommend that you delete the auto-filled information and enter it manually because your computer could be filling in the wrong credentials. If you forgot your password, you can reset it by clicking the Lost password? link under the red Login button. Follow the directions and an email will be sent with a link to reset your password - please remember to check your junk mail.

Still not able to log in? Please contact us and we can help reset your password or find out which email you used to create your account.

Why doesn't my coupon code work?

Make sure the item isn't on sale*, that the coupon is entered with no spaces, is within the valid dates, hasn't already been used by you, and that you have reached the dollar amount required to unlock the offer. Check other exclusions specific to the coupon to see if those apply.

*If an item is already on sale or marked 'Best Price', it's not eligible for further discounts. 'Best Price' indicates that the manufacturer has set a minimum price for an item which we are required by contract not to discount further, as are all other art supply retailers.

How do I return an item or check on a return I've sent?

Simply fill out the reverse side of your invoice, carefully repack the item, and return it to the address below. If you don't have your invoice, please include your order number, reason for return, and your contact information. Freight costs are the responsibility of the customer for all merchandise returned for any reason other than Nevada Fine Arts' error, damage, or defect. Please review our return policies for full details.

Please address the package to:

Nevada Fine Arts
Attention: Returns
1301 S. Virginia
Reno, NV 89502

To check on a return you've sent, please contact us.

What does 'Backorder' mean? How long will it take to get a backordered item?

Although we try to keep every item in stock, occasionally some items you wish to order are not immediately available for shipment and may need to be backordered. If you need to find out when your backorder is expected in stock, please contact us.

Nevada Fine Arts will ship all in-stock items in the first shipment and send the rest later in a second shipment at no additional charge. Backordered items ship via our "UPS Value Method" method (estimated delivery 8-15 business days after the package leaves our facility).

If you have any questions or would like to handle your situation differently, please call our store at 775-786-1128 to speak with one of our representatives. We ask that you please call instead of email, so that the best solution for your specific situation can be found as quickly as possible.

I just want to pay with my Credit Card, why do I have to use Paypal?

You don't have to create a Paypal account to check out with Nevada Fine Arts, Paypal is simply our secure payment processor. When you're taken to Paypal at checkout, you'll see the 'Pay With Debit or Credit Card' button along with the Account Login button.

How can I check the balance on my gift card?

In your Shopping Cart, click on 'Gift Card' on the right-hand side and enter your gift card number to check the balance. Or log in to your account, click 'Gift Card Balance' in the menu, and enter your gift card number to check the balance. You can also contact us and we can find out for you.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes, as long as the item will fit into a box 14" x 17" or smaller, and contains no hazardous materials. Otherwise, a physical address is required.

Framing FAQ

Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are possible, but not required at NFA! For both printing or framing, you may walk in at any time and one of our skilled associates will be able to help you.

However, if you would like to make an appointment for any reason, or had a specific employee you'd like to work with, you are more than welcome to call or email to set up a date and time to come in.

What is the average turnaround time?

​The average turn around for a custom frame job is about 2 weeks.

A fit into a readymade usually only a couple of days, but this also depends on how busy the frame shop is. NFA can usually accommodate earlier due dates for a rush fee, but please make the employees aware of any time restrictions you have.

Do I have to pay for a custom framing order in its entirety when I place the order?

You do not!

While we do require at least a 50% deposit on any order, we don't require the entire balance be paid before starting on your job.

When I come in to place my framing order, is there anything special I need to bring with me?

The only thing absolutely required to bring with you for custom framing is the artwork/item to be framed. This allows the framers to accurately measure and design a custom piece just for you.

Depending on what you're looking for, you may like to bring a few other things as well: Photos of any designs/decor you'd like to match, such as woods in your house; Photos of previous frame jobs you'd like to match, such as their design or frame style; Fabrics whose colors you'd like to work into the job.

My artwork/item comes wtih a certificate of authenticity (CoA). Is there anything I can do with that after my piece is framed?

We have a few options to choose from for CoAs.

If you'd like to keep it with the framed artwork/item, please bring it with you when you bring the artwork/item in for framing. NFA will place the CoA within a clear, acid-free sleeve and attach this to the back of the completed frame, allowing it to be protected and easily viewable.

If you'd prefer not to keep it with the framed artwork/item, we reccommend placing it and other CoAs in a protective bag or sleeve and store them in a secure location such as a safe or lock-box.

I have a frame I absolutely love and would like to use to frame my new artwork/item. Is there any way to do that?


Whether you've had a frame lying around for a while you don't know what to do with, found it in an antique store, or even bought it at another retail store, we can always work with any frame you bring us. If your artwork or item doesn't quite fit, we can always cut custom mats to better fit your artwork/item into any existing frame*.

*Please note: Any frame you already own that you'd like to use must be at least the same size or larger than the artwork/item you'd like to have framed. While there are ways to fit a larger artwork/item into a smaller frame, it requires us to alter the artowrk/item depending on the frame and the artowrk/item to be framed. Please contact us if you'd like to inquire about using a smaller frame.

Does Nevada Fine Arts offer shadow boxes? What about unusual designs, such as collages?

We sure do!

Our custom frame shop has a variety of shdow-box mouldings available to choose from. Using those we are able to frame just about any 3-D item, including memorabilia and jerseys, into a unique and custom frame that highlights and preserves your item(s).

We can also create a design using just about any materials and layouts you have envisioned. Collages, artwork/item floats (appears as if piece is floating in the frame), etc. If you have something you want framed, we can find a way to do it.

Does Nevada Fine Arts stock ready-made frames in addition to offering custom framing?

Of course! NFA has a large assortment of ready-made fames and mats in stock to choose from.

Our ready-made frames and mats are available in almost all the standard sizes as well as a considerable selection of frames and mats in odd sizes. We can also cut custom mat sizes for you while you wait, ensuring you get the size you need.

Can you package/ship my completed frame order?

Unfortunately, at this time, NFA does not package or ship any completed framing orders. It's a liability that we are not covered for and if the frame or artwork/item become damaged it would be NFA's responsibility.

There are several shipping companies that specifically deal solely with artwork and other high-value fragile items. FedEx and UPS both offer services to package your artwork/item and ready it for shipping.

Does Nevada Fine Arts' framing department have any policies or restrictions regarding items you will and will not frame?

NFA is open to almost all items and forms of art. We have no problem framing explicit/erotic images, bugs, taxidermy, or even weapons!

While we will frame just about anything, there are a few items we can/will not frame. NFA does not frame any artwork/items that pose a health hazard to our employees or customers (I.E. moldy items, items with blood or other foriegn substances on them, etc.). Frames with borken glass are fine to bring in. We cannot and will not frame anything illegal, nor anything promoting or advocating for hate speech.

If you have any questions regarding an item you'd like to have framed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Printing & Digital Reproduction FAQ

Does NFA offer Giclée prints? What even is a Giclée print?

Every print made at Nevada Fine Arts is a Giclée print!

But what even is a Giclée print? A giclée print is an archival, museum and gallery quality, fine art digital print made using an inkjet printer. The ink used is pigment based rather than dye based, and done on acid-free, archival papers. The pigment based inks are UV rated for 100 years, and produce much richer, more detailed colors than a standard printer, all to really replicate your art down to the finest details.

Are there different paper options?

There sure are! We offer many types of archival fine art printing papers to choose from, including canvas!

NFA's printing paper options are broken down into categories and there are a few in each category. Our 'Fine Art' category is our least expensive (but still great!) papers and include the Enhanced Matte, Luster, and Glossy papers; Our 'Specialty' category is more expensive than the 'Fine Art' papers and include more specialized papers such as the Watercolor, Exhibition Fiber, Metallic Luster, and Metallic Glossy; Our last category is the 'Canvas' papers and include the Satin and Glossy canvas papers. Canvas prints can also be stretched after printing for an extra fee.

What's the largest print I can order?

Our printing department uses a 44" Epson SureColor P9000 commercial printer and all the paper used comes packaged in rolls. All the rolls of paper we use vary in total length of between 50 - 100ft. This limits us to prints of up to 44" on the shortest side and up to 100' on the longest side depending on the paper chosen.

For canvas prints that will be stretched later, the largest size we recommend is 40" on the shortest side due to the excess canvas need in order to stretch the print.

What is the recommended file format for getting the best prints possible when printing from digital images?

We always recommend that customers send/give us an image saved as a TIFF file. The TIFF format is loseless and does not compress any image information ensuring the highest quality file without any detail loss, even at large sizes.

While we can use a image saved as a JPG/JPEG, these are much smaller than TIFF files and are a very lossy file format that compresses image information resulting in detail loss. This directly impacts the overall image quality and severly limits how large the image can be prnited before becoming too grainy and pixelated.

What's the best size for my digital image for printing?

Although there is no universal size for printing, there is a universal resolution of 300dpi. A resolution of 300dpi retains almost all image details and produces sharp images even at larger sizes. We also recommend that images are at least the same size or larger than the final printed size with a resolution of 300dpi, especially when using a JPG to print from.

While we can increase the size of an image, we are limited by several factors limiting how large we can make it before the image becomes too grainy and pixelated to print. Images saved as a TIFF work much better than JPG files when increasing the size, but only up to a point.

Depending on the native resolution and size of the original, an image saved as a TIFF file can usually be doubled in size before losing too much detail to be unprintable. JPG files on the other hand, due to the lossy nature and compression of the format, usually don't increase in size well beyond an inch or two. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding image sizes, file formats, or you need any help getting your images saved correctly.

Can you print my cell phone photo?

While we can absolutely print any photo you've taken on your phone, it's important to realize phone cameras are meant more for memories, not photographers. Standard cell phone* photos typically can't be made too large without severely dropping in quality and resolution. We generally recommend no larger than an 8 x 10 for the size.

*Of course, there are always exceptions. Some phones/accessories/apps can take quite large photos. If you have any questions regarding resolution of your images, feel free to contact us and talk to our expert printer!

I have an image I'd like printed/artwork I'd like photographed and get prints made but I didn't create the piece/don't have the reproduction rights. Can you print/photograph the image/artwork?

Due to copyright laws, we, nor anyone else, can print an image that is not yours. Photos found online, or artwork/prints created by someone else, belong to the artist and cannot be replicated.

Even if you bought an original or print from someone, the artist still owns the copyright to the artwork. This means they are the only ones allowed to reproduce it. The only exceptions to this are if you bought a digital file online that allows you to reproduce it and provide the receipt (though generally this only entitles you to one printed copy) OR if you have explicit written permission from the artist themselves.

Does Nevada Fine Arts offfer digital reproductions?

We sure do!

NFA has a dedicated photo studio with color corrected lights and a 42 megapixel Sony a7R II camera. This combined with the calibrating process of our lights and camera allow us to create faithful digital reproductions of just about anything. Using this process and with our high end equipment, NFA can digitally reproduce your artwork on a 1:1 scale with accurate colors and high resolution for high quality museum/gallery ready prints.

Feel free to contact us if you have any quesitons about digital reproductions and one of our expert printers will gladly help you.

What does having NFA photograph and digitally reproduce my artwork entail?

When you bring your art to us to be photographed, we take a picture of it using our 42 megapixel Sony a7R II camera in our dedicated photo studio with color calibrated lights. This allows us to quickly and efficently create a high resolution replication of your artwork/item.

Although we save digital copy of every piece we photograph for you to our server, it is highly recommended you bring a thumb/flash drive that has enough room to hold your new digital reproductions with you when you place your order. If you don't have a thumb/flash drive available, we have a limited amount of 16GB flash drives available for purchase or, at no extra charge, we can burn your reproductions onto a CD for you.

Once we have finished photographing and processing your digital reproductions, we save a TIFF and JPG version of each piece photographed to either your thumb/flash drive or a CD.

And remember: TIFFs are best for printing and JPGs are best for adding to the web!

I have artwork/an item that's framed. Should I take it out of its frame before having it photographed for digital reproductions?

We recommend customers take the artwork/item out of its frame before having it photographed, or, if possible, bring it in for digital reproductions before the artwork/item has been framed.

This is recommended as the frame can leave a shadow, especially at the top of the piece due to our lighting setup, and the glass forces us to use polarizing filters on our lights, which can sometimes lead to color issues. Both can be edited out, but if you have a large number of pieces being photographed we may have to charge an extra fee for the time it takes to edit and process all the images.

If it's not possible to bring your artwrok/item into NFA for digital reproductions unframed, we can take the artwork/item out of the frame and reframe it for an additional fee. Price for re-fitting your artwork/item back into the frame varies and depends on both the type and the size of the frame.

I have a painting I just finished that I'd like to have photographed and I always varnish my paintings. Should I varnish my piece before or after it is photographed?

It's highly recommended to vanrish your piece after having Nevada Fine Arts digitally reproduce your painting.

If, for whatever reason it cannot wait and it must be varnished beforehand, a matte or stain finish (not glossy!) is recommended. Glossy varnishes can cause reflection in the piece that are difficult to work around when post-processing the images, which may lead to an extra fee for the time it takes to edit and process the images.

It's industry best practice for digital reproductions to bring the art in unvarnished, have it photographed and digitally reproduced, and then varnish the piece after.

Is there bulk pricing?

There is! We offer bulk discounts on both photographs and prints.

With our digital reprodution pricing structure, we charge for each piece of artwork/item photographed or, if it's a particularly large piece*, we charge the customer each time we press the shutter release. Our prices start at $30 per piece for 1-2 photographs, $25 per piece for 3-7 photographs, and $20 per piece for 8 or more photographs.

In order to get the discounted pricing, all pieces of artwork to be photographed must be brought in at the same time. If you have a large quantity, such as 15 or more, talk to one of our staff members about even better pricing offers. To see our printing discounts, please see our price list by clicking here.

*If you have a larger piece that you'd like to have photographed for digital reproductions, please contact us to talk discuss pricing and other details with one of our knowledgeable printers. Please be aware that pricing will vary and depends on the size and complexity of photographing the piece. Larger pieces of artwork require multiple photographs to be taken and stitched together in post, requiring more time and skill to complete properly than normal sized pieces.

What is the average turnaround time for prints and digital reproductions?

All of our customers are served on a first come, first served basis and our turnaround time varies depending on how busy we are. Generally, though, digital reproduction orders take about 1-2 days to complete and print orders take around 3-5 days to complete.

If you're in a time crunch and your digital reproduction order or your print order must be done the same day, we can place a rush on the order for an additional fee. Please contact us to place a rush order and to inquire about rush order fees.

Can you ship my prints to me?

We most definitely can! All we need is the shipping address and the cost of shipping will then be added to your order. You will receive a quote with the total price for your order including the shipping and product costs. As soon as a deposit has been placed or the order paid for in full, we will send the prints out to you via FedEx and email you a copy of the tracking information for your records.

NFA ships smaller prints flat, either in an envelope or sandwiched between heavy matboard and thick cardboard in order to protect the prints the best we can during shipping. Larger prints will be carefully rolled and shipped in a thick cardboard tube with padding at the ends to protect the prints. Contact us to have your prints shipped.

Does Nevada Fine Arts' printing department have any policies or restrictions regarding items you will and will not print?

NFA is open to almost all items and forms of art. We have no problem printing explicit/erotic images, bugs, taxidermy, or even weapons!

While we will print just about anything, there are a few items we cannot/will not print. NFA cannot and will not print anything illegal, nor anything promoting or advocating for hate speech.

If you have any questions regarding an item you'd like to have printed, please do not hesitate to contact us.