Moleskine Studio Yukai Du 8.25"x5"



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Moleskine Studio offers a glimpse into the world of the most passionate artists, illustrators and creative minds of our time; Designed to stimulate the imagination, each notebook provides a platform for contemporary talent; From playful designs to thought-provoking art, each collector's notebook expresses the artist's vision and invites you to follow your own creative voice; Choose the design that appeals to you and learn more about the artist's inspiration and working methods on the opening pages. Designed for maximum inspiration and minimum waste, the box contains a copy of the artwork behind the notebook along with the name of the artist and the work featured; 2 discreet openings on the back ensure the box can be hung like a picture frame. hard cover with the artist's work; rounded edges; elastic closure; ivory acid-free paper, 100 gsm; matching bookmark ribbon; themed stickers; expandable inside pocket at the back; 'In case of loss' notice is printed on the cover sheet.

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