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William F. Powell

Color Mixing Recipes for Watercolor is the definitive color-mixing resource for watercolor artists. With a wide spectrum of paint recipes, each revealing the color proportions and dilution level needed to achieve the featured swatch, this user-friendly book also includes a color-mixing grid that makes measuring simple.

Follow these four simple steps to mix more than 450 color combinations:

  1. Look in the Color Guidance Index for the subject you want to paint—for example, "Eucalyptus Bark."
  2. Find the Color Recipe with the subject's recipe number ("293") and an example of the actual paint mixture.
  3. Use the Color Mixing Grid to measure each paint color.
  4. Mix the color.

It’s that easy! You’ll also learn about color theory, mixingvalues, graying color naturally, mixing portrait colors, and more.

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