McClain's Printmaking Supplies 3/8” Shina Plywood 9"x12"



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All five plies or layers of 3/8" (9mm) Shina Plywood are Shina, a wood that is very easy to carve in any direction, including across the grain. A very thin application of glue is used between the five plies, so compared to most plywoods, these blocks will feel more like solid wood as you carve them. Because the glue is thin, your tools will stay sharp longer too. 3/8" Shina Plywood can be safely carved on both sides.

*Please be aware that if you are printing on an etching press and using high pressure, and you have carved both sides of the block, the areas carved away on the bottom of the block may show up as lighter areas when you print the top side. In other words, pressure from the press may push the wood down so the carved out area shows up lighter on the print.

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