Akua Printing Plates 6"x8" 3-Packs

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Akua Monotype & Drypoint Plates

Akua Printmaking Plates are made from 100%, crystal clear/no tint plastic that is ideal for monotype and drypoint processes. Its soft and malleable surface allows for easily incised lines and a smooth transfer from ink to paper. For best results, print with Akua Inks. Other brands of water- or oil- based inks can be used on this surface. However, Akua Inks offer extended working time to create the image.

For Monotype: Apply Akua Ink to surface of the plate with a brayer, Akua Applicators, brushes, etc.

For Drypoint: Draw into plate using a needle scribe, roulette, etc. This will create incised lines that will hold ink.


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