Folding Techniques for Designers: from Sheet to Form



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This highly practical release covers more than 70 different techniques, and teaches designers how to make such works through step-by-step examples and a CD containing pre-designed folding patterns" - Computer Arts Folding Techniques for Designers is a practical handbook, written by an expert in paper folding and origami, with specially commissioned step-by-step drawings and photographs clearly explaining over 70 folding techniques. Many, if not most designers use folding techniques in their work to make 3D forms from 2D sheets of fabric, cardboard, plastic, metal and many other materials. This unique book explains the key techniques of folding, such as pleated surfaces, curved folding and crumpling. It has applications for architects, product designers, and jewelry and fashion designers. Folding Techniques for Designers explains over 70 different folds, explained with clear step-by-step drawings, crease pattern drawings, and specially commissioned photography. All crease pattern drawings are available to view and download at Author Paul Jackson has released more than 30 books on paper arts and crafts. He has taught the techniques of folding on more than 150 university-level design courses in the UK, Germany, Belgium, the US, Canada and Israel. 

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