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Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers were created with the beginner and hobby artist in mind. These great quality markers offer endless opportunities for creativity. They are the perfect tool for lettering, comic and mandala art, sketching, illustrating, coloring and more!

The good news for passionate beginners and hobby artists: the new Goldfaber Aqua Dual Marker makes everything possible. Faber-Castell presents its first creative marker with two tips in the Creative Studio assortment, allowing a wide range of techniques.

The thin, metal-cased fine liner tip with a line width of 0.4 mm is used for details, contours, thin lines and lettering, while the thick brush tip is used for drawing and painting. Whether classic applications or trendy themes, the Goldfaber Aqua Dual Marker is the perfect tool for lettering, for comic and mandala artists, for sketching, illustrating and coloring. 

With the development of Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers, Faber-Castell took another step forward in our sustainability efforts creating the marker barrels and caps out of 100% recycled plastic and their packaging out of environmentally friendly cardboard from recycled paper.

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