Japanese Ink-Painting: Lessons in Suiboku Technique



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Japanese Ink Painting: Lessons in Suiboku Technique teaches beginners the fundamental techniques of Suiboku , a form of Japanese ink painting. Suiboku is considered to be a type of Japanese painting known as sumi-e. It adds water to emphasize the shading of black into gray in one brush-stroke. With origins in China and a spiritual basis in Zen Buddhism, this form of brush painting expressing nature's colors through shades of black ink monochrome-has been enjoyed throughout the centuries in Japan as a hobby for the amateur. This Japanese painting book offers step-by-step lessons with easy-to-understand explanations through nearly 60 illustrations. The numerous photographs at the end of the book, in addition to the works of great masters in the art of Suiboku , include several paintings by the author's pupils to prove what the amateur can achieve through careful observance of instructions and patient practice. As the author points out, this book is designed for the beginner, and even the amateur can learn by himself and enjoy Suiboku as a hobby

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