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ProFolio Hikigiri Scissors are designed for artists. Because artists want more than just ugly scissors with bright plastic handles. Artists demand scissors that look better, cut better, and feel better.

ProFolio Hikigiri Scissors utilize Hikigiri Technology to provide a much better cutting experience. Hikigiri means “pulling cut” in Japanese. Simply put, the top blade of the Hikigiri Scissors is designed to slice down on the paper in a smooth, pulling motion instead of traditional scissors that simply “press” down against paper to cut.

ProFolio Hikigiri Scissors are made of a strong brass material and coated with titanium for a durable and attractive finish. Available in 2 color options, Hikigiri Scissors are also designed to look good on your desk and during use. They’ll quickly become your favorite scissors to use and you’ll become a believer of Hikigiri Technology

  • Designed for artists
  • Hikigiri technology for precise cuts
  • Strong brass material coated with titanium
  • Two colors: Citrus and Cinnamon


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