Copic Sketch Limited Edition Marker Sets

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Set: 6+1 Airy Tones Sketch Marker Set
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COPIC markers are versatile double-ended refillable markers with fast-drying, permanent non-toxic ink. The Sketch marker features a comfortable oval barrel with a super brush nib on one end that is perfect for doing professional illustration, fashion design, Manga, and adding detail to your images. The Sketch super brush nib acts like a paintbrush both in feel and color application. For more control, use the medium broad nib on the opposite end of the marker. Both nibs are replaceable.

The Limited Edition 6+1 Airy Tones Sketch Marker Set contains one each of evening primrose, pale chiffon, yellow fluorite, crystal opal, pale celestine, cool gray 00 and pale thistle sketch markers
The Limited Edition 6+1 Vibrant Tones Sketch Marker Set contains one each of prawn, lightning yellow, anise, begonia, jasper, meadow green and neutral gray 8 sketch markers.

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