Royal Brush Zen Series 83 Watercolor Brush SH Soft Scrubber #6

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Royal Zen Series 83 Watercolor Brushes
Zen Series 83 is comprised of a blend of soft and stiff synthetic hair and soft natural hair. These brushes are ideal for watercolor, inks, and fluid acrylics. They are the perfect combination of softness and strength, designed to hold generous amounts of water and color. Great resilience ensures delicate or bold strokes can be made easily. The silver ultra-metallic ABS handles can soak in water without swelling, cracking, or chipping and offer a beveled scraper edge for highlighting, burnishing, scraping, and color removal.
Angular Brights/Shaders: Used for tight shading and curved strokes.
Dagger: Long chisel edge for easy, fine lines. Vary pressure for thick-to-thin ribbon effect.
Liners: Similar to rounds, but with longer hairs. Liners have a large color carrying capacity and makes long, fluid strokes.
Oval Washes: A cross between a mop and a filbert, used primarily for laying in large amounts of color and blending.
Mops: Mops have a large rounded shape that lays in large areas of color with a soft edge.
Rounds: Smaller sizes are typically used for detail work and larger sizes tend to be used for washes and filling in color.
Scrubbers: Use Scrubbers for lifting and scrubbing watercolors.
Strokes: Strokes have long, rectangular ends, a large color carrying capacity and create long, fluid strokes.
Washes: A wide, flat brush used primarily to lay-in large amounts of color, to wet paper, or for blending.

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