Our in house Large Format Fine Art Printing Department offers a variety of services for the artist, designer, picture framing customer, photographer, and even the phone photographer.

Large Format Fine Art Printing – Print sizes from teeny tiny up to and above 40” x 60” on many surfaces suitable for fine art reproduction, photography, promotional material and indoor signage. Our surfaces include glossy and luster RC type photo papers, matte paper, watercolor fine art papers, photographic fiber based paper, metallic photographic papers, glossy and satin canvas and more by special order. We can even print on mat board for a unique fully custom frame job.

We are utilizing the latest Epson large format giclée printer. Our printer produces an industry leading color gamut and detail for amazing prints. We have also custom color profiled all our paper surfaces for the best color reproduction possible.

All this at prices that will keep you shopping local. Keep Scrolling Down for the SPECIAL!!!

Standard Fine Art Canvas Canvas
3/4” Wrap
1 1/2” Wrap
8x10 $6.20 $10.60 $16.80 $52.33 $62.21
11x14 $9.16 $17.63 $24.94 $65.87 $76.32
16x20 $15.80 $33.40 $43.20 $92.70 $107.17
20x30 $27.00 $60.00 $74.00 $133.20 $149.77
24x36 $37.56 $85.08 $103.04 $173.12 $193.71
30x40 $51.00 $117.00 $140.00 $220.92 $242.85
40x60 $99.00 $231.00 $272.00 $382.52 $412.10

Digital Art Reproductions Service – We can now create digital reproductions of your artwork. These are very high resolution, color accurate, and highly detailed digital reproductions of your painting, watercolor, drawing and most 2 dimensional artwork. These digital reproductions are ideal for prints, numbered editions, greeting card, portfolio, promotional and online presentation use.

Our reproductions are performed in a dedicated studio with professional equipment. We are photographing artwork with one of the best high megapixel digital sensors on the market utilizing top rated prime lenses yielding amazing 36+ megapixel images. The results are astonishing and can make reproductions that look almost identical to the original.

What’s better is that we have one of the best prices in town for this service and NO Setup charge. Only $30 each, 3 to 7 $25 each, or 8 or more is $20 each and you get the digital file. Keep Scrolling Down!

Digital Art Service – Let us use our Photoshop skills to help you. We can do image restoration, image cleanup, image enhancement and a variety of image manipulations to improve or alter your digital photos or artwork. Let us know what your need is and we can tell you how we can help.

Framing and Mounting Services – OK, this is not new, but having one of Reno’s best frame shops right next to the printing department can be really convenient in helping you get your art ready for its final presentation. Our framing shop has been doing high quality art framing for the area since 1969. Our talented staff can help you develop an impressive presentation for your artwork.