Current Class Schedule

All Classes are held at Nevada Fine Arts. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS Please contact the class instructor directly for sign-up, payment, supply lists, and specific class questions. The instructor will contact you directly if there are changes to the schedule or in the event a class is cancelled due to minimum enrollments not being met. Nevada Fine Arts gives a 10% discount to students for supplies.

Nevada Fine Arts Meeting & Classroom Facilities.

Classroom facilities include the following amenities: three tub/faucet stainless sink, unisex wheelchair bathroom, cork-board and ledge for artwork display, work tables and chairs for 25 people, teaching mirror, and projection screen. Great parking (60 spaces) and a wide variety of dining choices are within walking distance. Room Rental Fees: 2 to 4 HR rental $5.00 per person, 5 to 8 HR rental $10.00 per person. Please call 775.786.1128 or CLICK HERE if you are interested in renting the facilities.

Date: Wednesday February 04 - Wednesday December 25
Instructor: No Instructor
PSOR meets every Wednesday from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Nevada Fine Arts. There is painting from life models (no instruction). All artists are welcome. There is a $10.00 drop-in fee. For more information, email
Quilters Without Boundries
Date: Monday January 16 - Monday December 18
Instructor: Paula Thompson
Quilters without Boundries was started by 4 friends who wanted to explore the making of art quilts with non-traditional products and techniques. The group has grown to many more members, still with the aim of expanding our creativity outside of the traditional quilt block. This Group meets the second Monday of every month from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Fee $5.00
Date: Friday April 28 - Friday December 28
Instructor: No Instructor
Date: Every Friday Facilitator: Jean Braden Email: This is a group of watercolor painters who paint together and learn from each other. There is no formal instruction but a fun time is to be had! This meets from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Fee is $5.00 Just show up!
Watercolor Illustration with Tombow Markers
Date: Friday August 25
Instructor: Taylor Griffin
WATERCOLOR ILLUSTRATION WITH TOMBOW MARKERS Date: Friday August 04 Instructor: Taylor Griffin Email: Time: 4PM - 6PM Class Fee: $10 Description: Take the worry out of watercolor! Join instructor Taylor Griffin to learn just how easy it is to create something beautiful in watercolor with the ease of Tombow markers! Students will create several small sketches, create a color swatch chart, and learn new techniques to make beautiful pieces of art. Learn about blending, washes, and more! To sign up, click here!
Oil Painting Basics
Date: Saturday August 26 - Sunday August 27
Instructor: Teri Sweeney
Time: 11:00AM - 4:30PM Class Fee: $175 (Includes materials) Description: Learn the basics of oil painting including information on materials and then how to use them by working on a practice canvas the first day. On the second day, students will learn the steps to creating an oil painting by working on a small painting Take both days or just one. This class is structured for the beginner, but is open to all levels of oil painters. To sign up or for any questions, email
"Painting Tahoe Zen Scapes in WC Pen & Ink" w/ Eva S. Nichols
Date: Saturday September 02
Instructor: Eva S. Nichols
"Painting Tahoe Zen Scapes in WC Pen & Ink" w/ Eva S. Nichols Date/Time: Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 10- 4 PM Instructor: Eva S. Nichols Class Fee: $55.00 Supplies Needed. Description: Discover easy techniques to painting a fresh, unique Tahoe landscape incorporating Pen & Ink “zen doodles". Work with glazing, wet-into-wet, dry brushing, negative painting, lost and found edges and other techniques unique to watercolor. No previous painting experience or drawing skills are necessary, just an open mind and a playful spirit! To sign up please go to or contact Eva: 530-414-1289
Cold Wax Oil Painting With Suzanne Bell (Level I)
Date: Saturday September 09
Instructor: Suzanne Bell
Time: 10:00AM - 3:00PM Class Fee: $95 + * supply fee payable to instructor at class $45 * Description: Ready for some fun! This introductory class focuses on the fundamentals of working with cold wax. Cold wax is combined with oil paints creating a unique and versatile medium that does not require a heat source or fusing tools. This amazing medium has great depth and lends itself to representational imagery as well as abstraction. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of materials, supports, tools and techniques… using oil paints, dry pigments, a squeegee, brayer, palette knife, and other non-traditional tools; working wet-in-wet, wet on dry; and the development of rich textures, lines, marks, oil paint sticks, incising, scraping back, color and composition. Come to learn, have fun and get messy with this amazing medium! All supplies are provided. For questions, contact Suzanne Bell @ 916.833.4900 To sign up, click here!
Cold Wax Oil Painting - Going Deeper with Suzanne Bell (Level II)
Date: Sunday September 10
Instructor: Suzanne Bell
Time: 10:00AM - 3:00PM Class Fee: $95 * supply fee payable to instructor at class $45 * Description: (Prerequisite cold wax level I) Take your art to a new level …going deeper into the art of cold wax painting. Emphasis is on understanding the rhythm of a well painted abstract, the perspective & composition of a landscape, the right texture for interest, understanding color theory, adding lights & darks for dimension, discovering our mood, adding line for design and much, more… A plethora of tools, gadgets and techniques will be at our whim…working wet on wet, wet on dry, wet on acrylic, oil paints, oil sticks, oil pastels, charcoal, soft pastels, dry pigments, gold leafing, collage papers, stenciling, scraping, layering… oh my! All supplies are provided! For questions, contact Suzanne Bell @ 916.833.4900 To sign up, click here!
Atelier Acrylics Demonstration
Date: Saturday September 16
Instructor: Tricia Leonard
Date: Saturday September 16, 2017 Time: 12:00PM - 2:00PM Instructor: Tricia Leonard Class Fee: $5 Description of class: Learn about Atelier Acrylics with demonstrator Tricia Leonard, as she demonstrates how Atelier Acrylics can be rewet and reworked after drying. Students will also learn how to use acrylics as watercolor as well as in an oil paint capacity. See how acrylics can be taken off & be built up on YUPO paper, as well as other alternative ways to use Atelier acrylics in collages, with stamps, & more! To sign up, click here! *This class is limited to 20 spots*
A Sketcher's Perspective on Perspective
Date: Saturday September 23
Instructor: Donna Koepp
Time: 10A - 2P Class Fee: $35 Description: Take the mystery out of perspective drawing and distill the technique to fit a sketchbook artist's tool kit. We'll cover Measuring with a Pencil, Proportions on the Page, Horizon Line, Eye Line, Vanishing Points, One Point Perspective, Two Point Perspective, (yes, there is) Three Point Perspective, Atmospheric Perspective, People Perspective and apply the techniques in your sketchbooks. For questions and to sign up, contact Donna at
Sugar Skull Skool
Date: Saturday September 30
Instructor: Robin Ruybalid
Time: 2P-5P Class Fee: $25 Description: Learn a little about the history on traditional Day Of The Dead (Dias De Los Muertos) Sugar Skulls. Pre-made sugar skulls will be provided (yes, they’re really made from sugar) and you get to decorate with royal icing, sequins, jewels, paper flowers and foil. Instructor will provide decorating ideas and direction on the significance of how you decorate your skull. Sugar skulls are meant to be a temporary decoration, generally left out in the elements to melt away. If you wish to try to keep your sugar skull, a “finish” can be applied to prolong it’s life. This workshop is appropriate for all ages. To sign up, click here!
“Painting The Southwest Landscape in Watercolor” w/ Eva S. Nichols
Date: Saturday October 07
Instructor: Eva S. Nichols
“Painting The Southwest Landscape in Watercolor” w/ Eva S. Nichols Date/Time: Saturday, October 7th, 2017 10- 4 PM Instructor: Eva S. Nichols Class Fee: $55.00 Supplies Needed. Description: Find out how easy it is to create a Southwest inspired landscape with depth and atmosphere when you approach it on a step-by-step basis. In addition, make your artwork shine by gaining a better understanding of composition, value and design. No previous painting experience or drawing skills are necessary, just an open mind and a playful spirit! To sign up please go to or contact Eva: 530-414-1289
Painting Autumn Aspens with a Palette Knife
Date: Sunday October 08
Instructor: Monika Johnson
Time: 12:30p -4p Class Fee: $45 Description: Monika will teach you how to paint Aspen trees and the interesting effects you can create using oil paint with a palette knife. You will learn how to mix colors and to capture the light and contrast of the bark on the Aspen trees. Monika will go over several painting principles such as color theory and composition. All levels including beginners are welcome. To sign-up and get the supply list, please email
Make Art Your Business
Date: Sunday October 15
Instructor: Carol Foldvary-Anderson
Time: 1pm - 4pm Class Fee: $45, 10% of the proceeds to benefit Sierra Arts, Reno Description: Take Your Art to the next level and make it a business. Create the intent! Learn the rules. Know your options. Gain the knowledge to make wise choices. No time is better then now in history has being an Artist and Creative easier to pursue. Learn about preparing a cohesive body of work, funding your projects though grants, offering different price points on selling your art and designs, and other areas of interest to Artists. This 3 hour workshop is facilitated by Award Winning Artist/Designer Carol Foldvary-Anderson. Check out her primary website: to know more about this versatile creative individual who loves to share the journey of being an artist. “Creating an Arts Business is also about creating a life.” Space is limited to 10 participants. Be prepared to bring anything you feel you wish to share and discuss in a group environment relating to your art and business. To sign up, contact